Marty Goodman - Real Estate Investor in San Diego

About Marty Goodman

The recipient of a bachelor's degree in marketing from Miami University, Marty Goodman began his career in 1989 by co-founding the San Diego-based Postal Buddy Corporation. Serving as executive vice president for seven years, Marty Goodman helped secure more than 15 patents for design and engineering on behalf of the company and its automated change of address system. From 1998 to 2012, he served as CEO of Viewridge Avenue/RC Capital, which maintained an investment portfolio of hundreds of real estate assets in San Diego.

Concurrently, Marty Goodman founded and served as CEO of both LoanMLS, Inc., and Mortgage Income Fund, LLC. He also served as president of Kid Pointz, LLC, from 2010 to 2013, during which time he attracted more than 1 million participants to the online parenting reward system. He sold the company in 2013.

Mr. Goodman's current endeavors include Nautical Beach, LLC, and Henderson Properties, Inc., both of which he serves in the capacity of president and owner. He has maintained a California real estate broker license since 1997 and authored the books "Earning High Yield in a Low Yield World" and "Delinquency Dollars."